The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

New Chancery and Bishop's Residence for the Exarchate

New Address:
Exarchial Chancery
1500 De Paul Street
Elmont, NY 11003
Phone: (516) 233-1656
Fax: (516) 616-0727

Northeast Regional
Family Conference

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Bible Quiz 2014

Note: The fourth test (Round 1 – Test 4) will be on May 4, 2014 – covering the Acts of the Apostles chapters 15-28

Connecting with Malankara

Are you a Malankara Catholic living in North America? Contact us and let us know, so that we can connect with you.

Daily Readings

Heb 3:7-11
Jn 2:18-22
2 Tim 2:7-13
Mt 10:16-25


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The Syro-Malankara Catholic Apostolic Exarchate in the USA