Apostolate of Catechism

The Apostolate of Catechism is the vital organ of faith formation of children and youth in the Eparchy. It gives basic training in the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, in the spiritual and liturgical traditions of the Malankara Church, in the Sacred Scriptures, Church history, etc.. This Apostolate focuses on accompanying a believer from the childhood in helping him/her to become a true follower of Jesus Christ and a worthy son/daughter of the Church. The whole training program is arranged in twelve grades with specific curriculum, requiring twelve years to complete. English rendering of the books of Catechism of the Malankara Catholic Church is made available to our students.

Rev. Fr. Saji Mukkoot


  1. Jeny Chacko, Elmont
  2. Suja Stanly, Chicago
  3. Roy Chacko, Dallas
  4. Chacko M. Edicheria, Detroit
  5. James Mathew, Houston
  6. Anna Varghese, Los Angeles
  7. Thresia Thomas, New Jersey
  8. Ann Varghese, New Rochelle
  9. Sheena Jacob, Philadelphia
  10. Valsa Thomas, Rockland
  11. Joseph George, South Florida
  12. Elizabeth Kalampanayil, Washington D.C.
  13. Deepak Issac, Edmonton
  14. Aswathi Cherian, Toronto